Best Dogs for Children

In this fast-paced era where ever-busy parents find it really difficult to spend lot of time with children and entertain them, pets are great companions who can keep your child engaged tirelessly for long hours. Pets teach children about compassion toward other being.

Dogs have been domesticated for centuries together; hence many breeds are quite friendly with humans. However, parents should be careful while choosing the breed depending upon the age of the children. For example, large dog breeds like Mastiff or Great Dane are not suitable if you have infants or very small children at home. Similarly, very small breeds like Shitzu, Pekinese or Chihuahuas may find it difficult to cope up with hyperactive kids.

Some of the recommended dog breeds are as follows:

• Collies are suitable for almost all age groups. They are friendly and can be groomed easily.
• Golden retrievers are very gentle with children and are tolerant to all their naughty antics.
• Beagles are one of the most social breeds but they do not like to be disturbed when they have their food.
• Poodles are loving, loyal and trustworthy breeds as long as they are not mishandled.
• Newfoundland breed is suitable for children regardless of their age. These dogs are tolerant and protective about their owners.
• St. Bernard is advisable for older children due to its large size. However, they are gentle and extremely protective if well trained.
• Basset Hounds are gentle dogs who get along really well with children who know how to handle them well.

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