The Benefits of Pet Bird Insurance

There are a variety of reasons why a person might want to consider purchasing pet bird insurance. When a pet bird is brought into the home for the first time, most people probably haven't given much thought to it's future health care. There is too much excitement regarding the addition of the new member of the family. However, sooner or later this issue cannot be avoided. Things go wrong with pet birds just as they do with dogs, cats and other animals. The end result is usually vet bills, and these can be very high for birds because not all vets specialize in them.

Reasons to Invest in Pet Bird Insurance

A person who has pet bird insurance will know that no matter what goes wrong with his bird, he can probably manage it financially. With unexpected problems, there is usually a co-pay amount, and the remainder is billed later. The remaining amount is typically whatever the insurance wouldn't cover, and most types of pet bird insurance will cover at least 80 percent. There are some insurance companies that will not pay any benefits upfront. If this is the case, a person might have to go ahead and pay the vet bill and then later receive a reimbursement amount from the insurance company. Some vet's offices will make arrangements with people if this is how their pet insurance works. For example, the vet's office might agree to put off payment until a person receives his reimbursement check from the insurance company.

Why Some People Don't Bother With Bird Insurance

There are some people who never take their pet birds to the vet, or they take them so little that they feel that pet bird insurance just isn't worth the cost. Buying insurance for a bird is a bit of a gamble, just as is it for other things. Ultimately, a person will probably end up needing his bird insurance because as birds age, they start to have health problems. Birds can develop beak and feather disease, fungal infections and many different types of viruses. Some of these problems are life-threatening, and medical care is often necessary.

Making the Decision to Buy Bird Insurance

A person who is concerned about the cost of bird insurance should speak with his vet about different companies to purchase it from. Not all pet insurance companies are created equally, and some might charge less than others. There might also be some plans that are cheaper than others. It is also possible to get customized insurance plans. For example, a person who feels he may never need the insurance to cover things like boarding and advertisement for missing pets can request to have these "extras" removed from his policy. The end result is usually a lower price.

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